DragonLi Studio

使用 DragonLi 制作您的新项目,您会发现开发原来可以如此轻松。

DragonLi 拥有的功能。
DragonLi 强大的AI行为树编辑功能华丽更新,可以轻松实现您所想的AI.

无论您希望开发独立游戏还是AAA大作, DragonLi 都能帮您做到。

使用 DragonLi 制作的案例《基因雨》2次登陆 Sony中国发布会,1次登陆 Unite2018 峰会,游戏全平台上线。

《基因雨》所有核心程序组件都由 DragonLi 提供!




Simple custom initialization process

We provide you with a configurable initialization process where you can tick and configure the features you need, so it's straightforward.



Objects Pooling

DragonLi's efficient,fast, powerful and reliable objects pooling system can help you solve this. It's very convenient to use the object pool, you just drag the prefab you want to create into the table, and the rest of the work is handed over to us.

使用功能全面的 DragonLi 进行开发至少可以为您节约75%的开发时间。



Dynamic Key prompt UI component

You can switch the button prompt icons in the game with a simple setup. This feature can save you a lot of work time in the production process, and provides convenience for adapting your game to different platforms.



DragonLi provides you powerful localized text support, and you can automate language switching with simple configuration. With the internationalization feature, you can configure the list of languages you need in the Core Profile configuration table, which is quick and easy.


DragonLi 是一个在制作中方方面面都能帮到您助手,我们用了2年完善 DragonLi,无论是个人,还是大型工作室,

相信 DragonLi 都能满足,我们与 Sony PS4 主机团队合作多年,DragonLi 可以利用最少的能耗实现复杂的功能。

在使用得当的情况下,DragonLi 至少可以为您节约75%的开发时间。

要便捷也要自由! DragonLi 拥有全面的自定义拓展功能,您的所有自定义内容会调用我们的核心库,您不必为